Welland Culture Day 2013

Welland Culture Day 2013

Welland Culture Day is the largest Culture Days event in the Niagara Region. Months of planning and community outreach started from scratch this year as the organizing committee met outside of the Welland Arts and Culture Committee.

Featured Exhibitors

The 2013 Featured Exhibitors include visual artists, musicians, welders, and more. For some of these exhibitors it will be their third year attending the Welland Culture Day. This event also acts as a springboard for involvement as artists become leaders and planners for local events that are similar to WCD.

See More - http://www.wellandcultureday.com/featured-exhibitors

Media Partners

Welland is very lucky to have local access to nearly a dozen local radio stations and a little under ten local newspapers (owned by a select few companies). The Welland Culture Day is supported by Giant FM the only radio station that receives mail in Welland. Then Niagara This Week should be on-site through the media partnership that Culture Days Canada has with Torstar, their parent company. People often ask "why have I not heard of this event?" - typically those people just need to turn on the radio and pop online to NiagaraThisWeek.com to find out.

Giant FM - http://www.giantfm.com/
Niagara This Week - http://www.niagarathisweek.com/welland-on/

Every Year is Unique

Since culture is constantly changing as new artists and musicians develop their talent this year will be a one-of-a-kind experience. I'm looking forward to seeing how new artists connect with locals that have experience and appreciation.

Find out more about Culture Days at http://www.culturedays.ca