Web Development Marathon

New sites/databases, batch conversions, and advanced theme development were all pretty routine until - The Marathon. It was one of those 'get in the zone' sessions, where sleep and eating were second place to getting the job done.

Is it over? no. The coding is done, but now comes the legwork - getting all of the pictures and other multimedia for the websites. This means arranging to get photos done of staff, locations, and workspaces.

On top of that the main server decided to kill another stick of ram. Which reopens the 'we should get a new server' internal discussion. The server is pretty efficient but there are some new ones that use less energy than a light bulb (even less than a CFL light bulb). I think too much about efficiency... but then again I have to since the battery nearly went kaput too (server is solar powered).

It's been nice procrastinating from working on Drupal by working in Drupal, now its time for a real distraction.