Waving Cat Media

Waving Cat Media

Waving Cat Media is Niagara's newest multimedia and marketing outfit, with a host of affordable extras for any business looking to improve their exposure in the Buffalo-Toronto market and beyond. Officially opened in 2013 with the support of Niagara's social media elite. With Waving Cat Media the long and tedious process of getting great new content online is made easier and faster thanks to the experience and values of the participating local organizations and individuals.

Waving Cat Multimedia

David Bagarozza (known online as David FB) has brought his multimedia skills and well calibrated equipment to the Waving Cat Media group. Known in Niagara for his work with Pulp Comics and the Black Lantern Experience, there isn't much that David FB hasn't had his hands on.

Check out his portfolio and the portfolios of the newer multimedia experts at Waving Cat Media to better understand what they offer.

More Information - http://wavingcatmedia.com/

Waving Cat Social Media

Social media has been an impressive add-on for major marketing agencies, and when done properly it can be extremely valuable. If your existing marketing agency isn't getting the job done through social media then the Waving Cat Media offering might be able to fill in that gap without cutting off your existing marketing agency.

Looking to boost throughput? Get into a new market? Go viral? Then Waving Cat Media has the fix for your organization, as long as you're willing.

Waving Cat Media on Twitter - https://twitter.com/wavingcatmedia
Waving Cat Media on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wavingcat