Wainfleet Marshville Festival

Wainfleet Marshville Festival

The Marshville Festival in Wainfleet is one of the few Niagara festivals that I travel annually to attend. The original charm of the festival is that they don't run it for tourism, they run it for the residents of Wainfleet. That local focus has made it into one of the best festivals in Niagara. Running from August 31st to September 2nd, 2013 at the Wainfleet Arena, Wainfleet Library, and Wainfleet Fairgrounds - which are all the same place. The three major highlights are the food, culture, and music - all essential elements of an amazing party.

Great Food - Harvest Season in Full Swing

Early September is prime time for fresh food in rural Ontario, get great deals and feed the whole family without all of the work. Any festival can have fried food and ice cream, the Marshville Festival is special for its pies and other "slow-food" choices. Pie is an anytime food, and the variety of pies at the Marshville Heritage Festival is representative of southern Ontario's multiculturalism and ethnic past. Try the best French, German, and British style pies alongside some modern favourites.

Craft Fair and Art Displays

Rural life seems to inspire the residents of Wainfleet to craft high quality products and art pieces. Wood, wool, and wicker take centre stage as traditional crafts are promoted and exhibited during the Marshville Festival. The entire event is a boon for Instagram and Pinterest users who have become the front line for promoting the appreciation and application of these craft styles.

Folk Music and Live Bands

At first I didn't understand or appreciate folk music and some older forms of country music. Experiencing the performances live with an audience that appreciated the music built my appreciation level for folk music. Bring a folding chair though, it can get pretty cramped on the old bleachers and logs around the bandshell.

More Information - http://www.marshvilleheritagefestival.com/