Top 10 Niagara Area Blogs

Top 10 Niagara Area Blogs

News in Niagara can be dominated by The Tribune, The Standard, and The Review since Niagara This Week got rid of all of its public RSS feeds and disappeared from Google News. Look beyond the mainstream media and go with a mix of these local blogs to keep you in the loop. I'll post another article about the must-follow facebook and Twitter accounts next week.

Niagara at Large - Doug Draper

Doug Draper is a news reporter with a new mission. His Niagara at Large news organization brings together local activists, dissidents, and leaders through a unified and predominantly unfiltered channel. It is worth adding the whole site to an RSS reader for daily use.

Erie Media - Dave Johnson

Another traditional newspaper writer that has made a name for himself online and through new media. Also follow his account @davejthetribune on Twitter for some of the details that never make it to print.

Laura the Raptor

Most people know Laura through the Niagara Comics scene. Follow Laura on Tumblr if you want to be happy.

Carkebe of Welland

One of the newest blogs on the list. Carkebe has been a frequent commentator and posted through loal news agencies and has an opinion about everything. Pay attention to her "Cheap Tricks" section that details how to get more from big-box stores like Shoppers and Walmart.

Niagara Deal Diva

For half a decade the "Hotel Deal Diva" has been a mixture of the decadent travel world and then the local/fresh/active world inside Niagara. While there have been multiple diva contributors the project is operated by the very non-public Diva of Niagara. Unfortunately you can't tell when it is an agency posting or when it is a legit contributor - unlike QMI posts in Sun Media.

Access Niagara Blog

Written by another semi-anonymous Niagara Falls Blogger, Graham. The Access Niagara Blog collects all of the need-to-know local events and deals in one easy to read RSS Feed. The website itself is a little loaded with advertisements and social sharing buttons, very user-hostile. Get the latest from the amazing content instead. - OPIRG Brock University

While I'm glad that OPIRG is involved with the community their new blog has drifted from OPIRG-Brock news to St.Catharines community news. This mission crawl is why it belongs on the list of top ten Niagara blogs. The working groups affiliated with OPIRG represent Niagara area leaders in poverty reduction and future-oriented thinking.

James Takeo - Black Lantern Guru

James is not a traditional blogger. His messages are split between social media, his blog, his Twitter account, and anything new and interesting. The most important stories tend to eventually make it to his wordpress blog, making it a worthwhile addition to your favourite RSS reader.

Hughes and Co. - Allie Hughes

Allie Hughes doesn't have a dedicated blog space although her business Hughes and Co does a great job of sharing need to know brand marketing strategies that work as well for Proctor and Gamble as the do for Niagara area non-profit groups. If you're a leader in NIagara and Allie isn't on your list of people to know then add her today.

I am unilaterally adding myself to this list because this blog has been useful to a number of people. Saving money, connecting IRL, and getting the most out of life. Not that anyone should consider me to be a life coach or motivational speaker. I'm just posting what I want to share.