Three Years of

It has been three years (approx.) since I started as it is today. In this time there have been many changes and plenty of distractions. In celebration of the advances made since 2008 I've included a perspective on the past. When the website started it was used in the campaign to become president of the Brock University Students' Union, I was the Director of Communications for the Computer Science Club at Brock University, and there were little to no pictures to be found (due to the fact that it was a server I built and bandwidth overages in 2007 meant that your internet access would be shut down.

These days things are better, faster, and easier. Drupal has been there for all of the websites that I work with on a regular basis. Graduated from University, ran in a municipal election, got more involved in the open-source community, then came the bills. This website has been more useful to people looking to save money on bills than it has been for people looking for personal updates. The Google Analytics report highlights what people are looking for, and I attempt to deliver.

Hopefully things go as smoothly online over the next three years as the last three.