Taris on the Water - Welland Fine Dining

Taris on the Water - Welland Fine Dining

Taris on the Water is Welland's premier fine dining establishment with table service and an interesting mix of Canadian and ethnic European dishes.

Taris and the Casual Experience

One of the more amusing quirks of the restaurant is that their classic burger offering comes presented with a large steak knife put through the centre of the sandwich.

Quick and fulfilling the casual experience took less than a half hour and definitely fostered a positive mood on a chilly evening.

Taris and the Fine Dining Experience

Looking for a three course meal? Put it together here and enjoy the best of Europe. The Calimari as an appetizer and a Creme Brulee with Cappuccino for dessert took the main course to greater heights.

The best part about three course meals is that they give folks time to converse and linger in the experience.

The Next Taris Welland Experience

I'm looking forward to signature winemakers events and other special offerings at the facility, which already seems equipped to handle much more.

Check it out when you are in Welland.