Summer Outreach Boost and HAM Project

I've got good news, the Twitter, CanadaHelps, and Facebook integration is working for my non-profit partners. Which hopefully helps them to do what they need to by spreading the word about their services and their needs. Right now is starting their "Save the InfoShop" fundraising. They need donors to continue to serve downtown St.Catharines. Their website details their efforts in greater detail, check out

I've also been working on a frequency monitoring system for the local HAM repeaters. This would allow SWLs and traveling HAMs to listen in online. Compression is the biggest issue, because even with a couple users bandwidth costs could get expensive. There is the idea of compressing all of the days transmissions into a torrent of an ogg file that gets posted automatically each night. I'd have to find some kind of VOX style record function for Ubuntu though. This shouldn't be complicated for users.

Sorry if I bridged from an update into a brainstorming session, there is plenty left to do. I'm going to get back to that.

Update: After talking with some other HAMs about monitoring frequencies it became clear that is more of a private tool than a public one. Even then, who would want to monitor all Niagara repeaters?