Recommending - The Washlet

As a joke I began to eliminate paper from my life shortly after having all of my printer hardware fail in less than a month. More than three years later I've managed to eliminate copy paper, lined paper, tissue paper, and paper places from my home life. One thing that was still sticking around was the toilet paper. I'm not about to skip on hygiene, so there was a real problem, until I discovered the Washlet.

The washlet is essentially a bidet affixed to a standard sitting toilet. Some Japanese models are heated, play music, and wash 'your business', but most of the Korean models are simple ant to the point. So I sent an order out to Bizwin, and I hope that they appreciate my business.

I discovered the idea of a washlet shortly after a fire burnt down the main paper processing facility in Cuba, but it took a couple years for the idea to grow on me. It has and I'd personally recommend it to anyone, although if you have kids, make sure they don't try to use it as a fountain.

These are my three major technological inspirations for the spring of 2012. I'll probably have the next batch of inspiration cooked up in early June.

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