Recommending - LED Bug Zapper and Pest Control

I'm going to preface this with a notice that I do understand that some bugs are an essential part of the ecosystem, I also understand that other bugs are evil and carry diseases. In order to go after these 'bad bugs' I've used the standard technologies. Nets and citronella are great avoidance tools. Sticky traps and bug zappers are the real eliminators. This past winter we made the mistake of bringing some of the plants with the local organic soil back into the house. Bugs everywhere, and we didn't fret, after having two litters of kittens and the fleas they attract the sticky traps were deployed and the pest problem is gone.

I'd like to take the indoor solution outside. I'd also like for it to run on less than 30 watts. unfortunately there are no LED based bug zappers. There are LED lights that can go into sticky traps - but the largest bugs pose a problem for the sticky traps. I need a foot long double sided led strip with a sticky semi-transparent tube, and have it protected from the biggest bugs by a zapper tube. This LED Bug eliminator will get rid of large, small, and everything in between. Unfortunately I can only find ineffective solar LED mini zappers, over-powered fluorescent zappers, and unshielded sticky traps.

If anyone can find a complete and certified full power LED zapper please contact me through my contact page.