Recommending - Automated Rain Barrel with Drip Hose for the Garden

Somebody probably has a better name for this but the idea was to combine a rain barrel, drip hose, and battery operated water timer so that no grid power or municipal water would be used on the vegetables.

This system is going to be tested throughout the summer, but I'm convinced that the rain barrel and drip hose are already a success. I was eating toasted tomato sandwiches for a month last year we had such a good harvest. The year prior we did mini pumpkins, and they are the perfect 'meal on the go' if you can grab some butter and find a microwave then you can eeat that mini pumpkin. Mini pumpkins are their own bowl. Back on topic; The timer is the addition that will leave more time for summer fun, allow users to water at night without having to be awake late at night, and control exposure. With enough information I can plan the number of barrels needed against the average rainfall. From there I can shout 'science' and promptly forget everything I've learnt when I do the same experiments on a new garden in a couple years.

I'm awaiting the results, but even if you cannot automate I'd recommend planting some simple vegetables.