Perfect Moments

I've been experiencing a series of perfect moments. The perfect moments where all of the problems find their solutions, everyone is in a state of celebration, and the tension of daily life is gone. This is a felling that currently carries across a half-dozen of the communities I'm involved with in Niagara. The only common point that I'm finding is myself therefore I'm doing something right - everyone can be happy.

Welland Cultural Development
In the Welland area the organizations that I've been working with are prepared for the sweeping changes and new opportunities. New parade routes, new equipment, and new partnerships. Celebrations are in order.

On Friday April 26th one of those celebrations took place at Humbled Hallows. One of the first art and poetry shows at the venue took place - a modern day forum or salon which inspired many that attended. I also managed to score some art for an extremely low price.

Niagara Falls Success Stories
In Niagara Falls the businesses and non-profit groups have been reporting success on nearly all fronts. More members, guests, sales, volunteers, and much more - it is as though the warm weather brought with it some success. I'll be celebrating that success again on Sunday April 28th at the Niagara Food and Wine Expo. Big thanks to the Above and Beyond Cupcakes for getting the word out about the event.

Online and in Business - Worthy Challenges
Online I've been inspired to try another project. It has been over a year since the last Zen Alliance / ARIDARIA client cleared the server and there are plenty of system resources left for some new projects. The first is a donation to the Welland Culture Day Planning Committee, which recently invited me to reach out to the community to establish an online and offline presence for them. The next big project is something that has been sorely needed in Niagara, something that could bridge different communities and develop standards for success. Both of these are projects that I cannot do by myself - I hope to be working with a Giant in the local marketing world to reach the last mile.

I know that perfect moments can be a calm before the storm. This storm is going to be worth the wait.