Pacific Mall Trip

Finally made it back to the Pacific Mall, didn't spend as much of the birthday money as I thought I would. Every time I go to the Pacific Mall I find frustration and inspiration in the product diversity and prices.

The focus of shopping during this trip was Wii Games, Figma Haruhi, Presents for family, Snacks, and random pieces of hardware for my creative tech projects. The Wii search was a failure as only two vendors actually dealt legit games and they were very far from competitively priced. I opted to shift that funding to Amazon since they get things done. I found a defective Figma Haruhi and instead settled for Nendroid Haruhi to save space. After going to ONE and Smart Maple we were able to find gifts for all of the nieces and nephews. Although Alie kept a Giant "Thumpers Wife" plush (from Bambi) for herself. During all of these shop changes Alie kept an eye out for deals on sweets. Ended up with $60 CAD worth of Pretz, Pocky, Mochi, Beef Jerky and some other stuff.

Hardware searches were also a failure. I will instead be receiving all of the equipment via vendors from Hong Kong. Two of my preferred vendors include Brando Workshop and DealExtreme and they represent the most mainstream sets of my acquisitions. A bulk order of LED lighting for A Socket fixtures (Normal Lights) as well as a complete kit for my laptop including silica protectors for nearly every corner, hole or surface. OK, this is not bragging - this is a preface to my upcoming experiment in environmental advocacy. Sometimes even individuals need to invest in infrastructure upgrades.

This post may be nearly a week late but it is still in! Now for the next.