Niagara CGI - Computer Graphics Group

Niagara CGI - Computer Graphics Group

Niagara CGI is a new arts group with a unique focus on Adobe Photoshop, Zbrush, 3D Studiomax, and other modern digital art tools. The group describes itself as being "all about taking what is trending, what local artists have done or are doing, as well as linking events". I'm looking forward to seeing the digital arts community grow in Welland and beyond due to the efforts of this group.

Niagara CGI to Connect Artists and Developers

At the heart of the operation is Atom Dellow, a Welland based digital artist. Atom found himself experiencing the same frustrations as many other digital artists have, due to isolation and the lack of a central location to learn and improve. There isn't a Curry's Art Supplies for the digital artist, which translates into frustrations that are not experienced with any other type of art.

Niagara CGI connects artists, developers, educators, and local cultural leaders without having to join a large government subsidized business taskforce.

Niagara CGI Hackerspace and Art Nights

Niagara is lacking when it comes to spaces set aside for creative development in the digital domain. Niagara CGI has been working with existing art groups to provide access to resources and people across Niagara. Unlike efforts in St. Catharines the group seems to be capable of operating in any city in the Niagara Region. Welland, Pelham, Port Colborne and Wainfleet digital professionals and aspiring digital profesionals are encouraged to join the Facebook group to hear about upcoming events and connect online.

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