New Humour

The online humour is largely becoming the mainstream. One event that seems to confirm this to me is the new online show "Sheen's Korner". The show itself is filled with would be memes, and even though it seems forced it reminds me of the last time a celebrity turned to the Internet to save their career. The Tom Green Show was (and may still be) online and gradually saw web culture flood in. The meme best used on Tom Green was the "I herd you liek mudkips" meme where channers would call his show and ask if he liked mudkips.

Why is this important? Because as Internet memes enter the mainstream they will be duplicated and owned by traditional commercial media. People create and communicate new ideas, and the companies they work for turn ideas into money. This includes ideas that were once considered offensive (kittens), and others that are derived from how we interact with new technology.

It goes far beyond sex jokes and toilet humour, new rules govern communication when people are online. One of those rules is "Rule 34" which has never failed to amuse or disgust depending on the source material. It may seem unstoppable, but the only way to prevent seeing something bad is to prevent yourself from seeing. No amount of 'eye-bleach' can undo what a person just witnessed online. It is the modern freak show, situated in your living room.

There may be new forms of humour entering the mainstream, and while people test the limits others will be watching to see what works best. As a final thought I should remind all of the jokers online that The Internet is Serious Business. srsly.