MS IE9 Still No Gradients in CSS

I've been trying out some of the new CSS3 items for a while now, just getting used to seeing how the linear-gradient and webkit-gradient tags work. In IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) there are still no CSS tags for gradients, and the filter tags have been causing errors in FF4 (Firefox 4). Understandably the inability to process the CSS file is a FF4 problem, but the immediate solution is not to stop using gradients for capable browsers. Instead I'll be pulling the IE tags and running a workaround for the only major browser that cannot do text shadows or properly formatted gradients.

For a very long time I've been in web development heaven, having to worry only about adding features. Now the design conundrums are back. On the plus side I can reduce the bandwidth requirements for the site by using CSS rather than PNG files, which required an obscene amount of time for setup and rendering. (Obscene to a developer, maybe not to a designer. Those people love long wait times)

In any case if you're swapping between browsers wondering why the website keeps looking more/less colourful now you have your explanation. Not that it really matters, all of the information is still here. Waiting.