May 2011 "Optimal System"

Every now and then I like to think about a new system and what would be the perfect (or at least optimal) system configuration. Since I've been on an energy efficiency kick the last couple of years these systems haven't been beasts of speed as much as they've been non-mechanical, solid state dreams.

In order to look back at how old certain technologies were I'll list the specs for future review:

AMD APU Style Processor (Integrated CPU/GPU)
Preferably RISC levels of simplicity and efficiency
USB 3.0 Compatibility
No Fans/Moving Parts
VGA Compatibility
Built in AM/FM/ATSC Tuner & Recorder (w/External Antennas that can be put outdoors)
12v DC Input with high fault tolerances (9v to 15.8v)
Only Solid State Disks (No Floppy, No CD/DVD/BR, No Magnetics)

Bonus Points:
Monocular Head Mounted Display (It is an idea worth over 9000 dollars)
Keeping it under 12 Watts