Mahtay Family Dinners at the Mahtay Cafe

Maytay Family Dinner July 2012

One of the nicest new local businesses in Niagara is the Mahtay Cafe in St.Catharines. It is located next to the Fultons 24-Hour fitness and is in the same building that used to hold Red Square Night Club.

Local Connection

The first Mahtay Family Dinner featured meats and vegetables from local vendors, including the Country Corner Market. Since then the event has been a showcase for local season food and quality meat. Since the event is ran at a specific time, with a specific number of guests the event can be affordable and high quality - without hurting the bottom line.

Connect with Niagara Residents

The event is a great way to meet new people, with festival seating throughout most of the restaurant you may end up bumping elbows with the future of Niagara. During the last couple events that I attended there were members from local environmental groups, economic development professionals, and higher-ups from local and national charity organizations. This kind of exposure usually costs hundreds of dollars per plate.

Mahtay Cafe in Niagara - Advanced by Design

Mahtay Cafe is known for being among the most technologically sophisticated of the current cafes operating in St.Catharines. Faster WiFi, tablet based POS systems, energy efficient espresso and kitchen equipment, and more are all in plain sight.

The restoration to the building has been a real highlight, Maytay is one of many shops and apartments in the building that have improved insulation, new ventilation systems, and cleaner materials used in the refit. It is an excellent template for other property owners looking to save money and improve the aesthetics of their downtown buildings and businesses.