KurtisMcCartney.com Calling Cards

KurtisMcCartney.com Calling Cards

For years I've been bothered by people that constantly insist that in order to make a proper introduction between business people a business card is essential. Those people have nothing to worry about thanks to a collaborative set between James Takeo and Craig Hotrod, two Welland artists that typically specialize in Tattoo art.

Made from Recycled Material

The card material is recovered from office materials intende to add structure to paper pads. I used to scribble on grid paper any ideas that I would have and have a substantial collection of older works that could be moved from pads to binders, scanned digitally if anything of importance is in the pad, and permanently filed in the blue cube filing system.

Hopefully this is the last time I'll ever need paper calling cards - people should be able to find me by name just about anywhere on the Internet. At this point the secret is out.

Includes Social Media Contact Information

Just about everything except a direct link to my Google+ page is included on this card. Email, Twitter, Website URL - I've been lucky enough to secure my oversized name on just about every social media tool that exists.

Calling Cards - More Than Business

For anyone that isn't familiar with Calling Cards the purpose is to ensure that other residents or grounds staff at a residence know that you're supposed to be there. These cards are an invitation to connect and collaborate, nearly anytime or anywhere. Given that we live in the age of global telecommunications I can't guarantee that I'll be in one place for too long. This card is an open invitation to the next venue, digital or embodied.