Keep Your Cell Phone Number Secret While Texting with Twitter

It's tough to keep cellular bills down when more people use these devices more often. For most people it is no longer an option to use a cell phone, they are ubiquitous. If you want to keep your prepaid bill low in Canada then follow these simple instructions and encourage your tech savvy friends to participate too.

Please note you will need a cell phone and a Twitter account for this to work. Once in your Twitter account you can activate a number of SMS features, which will send you a text message when someone mentions you in a Tweet. This is a great start. Confused? Follow along:

Sign in to Twitter click on your acount name in the top bar;
Go to settings and click on the mobile tab;
First you'll follow the onscreen instructions for linking your phone;
Configure how much and when you'd like to receive messages.

Now that you've got your phone and Twitter account linked you can pass information to other Twitter users with ease. In fact there is an entire shorthand for sending SMS Texts to twitter, which it will inform you about if you need to reply. Enjoy the experience.

Afterward you may notice that while it is nice that when people (especially people you just met) can message you it would be great to follow all of their Tweets. There is a fast and easy way to do that on each user that you follows Twitter page. Right next to the follow button you can click on a much smaller button labeled "Tweets from this user are not sent to your mobile phone", afterward the Tweets from that user will be sent to your mobile phone.

Problem Solved.