How To: Recover Missing Digital Channels like CHCH, CTV, CFTO

If you've made the switch or never stopped using an antenna it has been 'no bills and no problems' for a long time, that just changed. Ok, the no bills part is the same but if you've upgraded any of your antenna systems to UHF only to focus on those weak pre-transition signals then there is a problem. I count myself among the fools that stuck to a UHF only antenna, but there is a fix.

Buy or build a VHF antenna.

Alright, it seems too simple but there are plenty of 'but my antenna is on the roof and now I don't want to go back up'. The post transition signals are usually strong enough to reach some old indoor antennas, but don't quit on your trusty outdoor one just yet.

Split it with a 'FM Antenna'

Buy the following from an electronics or radio store like 'The Source'.

  1. Twinlead FM Antenna (Appx $8)
  2. 300 to 75 Ohm Balun (Appx $4, this will interface between the two wires on the antenna and the splitter)
  3. The cheapest looking POS coax splitter you can find that keeps a solid connection

Splice this 'hack' as close as possible to the TV or Receiver. Run a channel scan and if it worked that's good - if not try the following. The FM antenna needs to be up as high as possible and not touching any metal, try to hide it behind the TV but dont let your 'T' become a 'V' or a '^'. If you lost other channels you normally had try either disconnecting the balun from the splitter or using a better signal amplifier. (You want perfect signals, it takes some good tech and some good work).

If you're still not satisfied, throw your TV out a window. If it can't catch the signals, maybe the signals will catch it. Then buy an AM radio and complain about how that will probably 'go digital' too.