Hockey: Boston Wins and Vancouver Riots

Riots are always bad for a major city. Usually riots are the result of some social, political, or religious tension. The Vancouver riot may seem like the result of the 'Religion of Hockey', although I disagree. It is more likely the mob mentality among a group of very bored people. Think of it as a planned repeat of the 1994 riot, which was genuine and the result of shortsighted and angry hockey fans.

In Welland there were no riots reported. In fact there were celebrations because the Stanley Cup could visit the newly refitted arena. This could also encourage local parents to justify the expenditure to get their children into league hockey. It couldn't have come at a better time.

The catch? In recent years I've seen much less hockey in Welland, including unorganized street hockey. I've seen 'Street Tennis', that should demonstrate the condition of hockey in a community with great sports facilities. So if you see people playing Street Tennis in Welland, encourage them to put the ball down and hit it with a stick. It'll make sense in the long run.