Heart Niagara Meeting

Had a chance to meet with Karen Stearne and Don Gibson from Heart Niagara in June and hear about how to make Niagara a better place. Heart Niagara has been around as a non-profit organization for decades, surviving multiple recessions and finding new ways to serve the community.

I could reiterate the presentation that Don Gibson delivered - but I'd prefer to highlight the end goal. Heart Niagara needs community involvment, and that includes volunteers, financial benefactors, research partners. Many non-profit groups in Niagara live grant-to-grant, Heart Niagara will be reaching out on Facebook, Twitter, and using other online tools to reach their goals faster. This new push is being led by Joanna Polillo and supported by Karen Stearne. Check it out.

They are running a swap meet and garage sale for charity on July 14th 2012 at their new HQ in Niagara Falls (6017 Valley Way, Niagara Falls, ON) - be there. More event information - http://www.facebook.com/events/325429997536948/