Halloween 2011

Seasonal food and decorations are up both online and offline, just in time for Hallowween. I'll be re-adding images to most of the Zen Alliance sites after the Oct 31st to November 5th rush week. It's going to be a real busy week. OWS is calling for savings to be moved out of banks, Anonymous is targeting Facebook, and all kinds of other international events are hitting closer to home. But the really important events are happening at home. Winterizing, sealing and converting more fixtures to LEDs. FIxtures that haven't been used through the summer that will be more important in the dark days of winter. I'm even trying out a new insulating material in parts of the basement to see if we can keep the heating bills down without freezing our faces off.

Winter can be a useful time to tinker around with new technology. Avoiding dreary days in style and comfort.

I'm unclear on if Alie and I will be joining a Halloween Party yet, but I know that her costume is going to be 'magical'. Alie will be celebrating Halloween in a home-made Fairy Mary costume, she is a new character in the Disney Peter Pan Universe was designed to prolong copyright claims and IP rights for Disney. They own the idea of fairies in green suits, calling them 'tinker fairies'. Shiny.