Great Read: Jennifer Government

Jennifer Government

Many years ago I started an account on NationStates (, this was a great way to see the humour behind some political and business decisions. The simulation itself is a promo for the book Jennifer Government by Max Barry. It is a great book. The funny, action packed and intelligent story takes you into a super privatized world. I don't want to give away too much, no spoilers here.

Think of it as Brave New World without all of the pharmaceuticals and 'recreational love'. It's very much about getting your pay and how it can all go wrong. I appreciate the character Violet because she seems representative of many of the young people today with amazing skills but little experience making it pay off (despite being promised a payoff).

The parallel adventures of the many characters in the book means that the story doesn't hinge on one situation or one personality. Government, Business, Paramilitary, Education, Finance and of course the slackers are all accounted for in this book. Just about everyone except gainfully employed factory workers and non-religious medical staff are analyzed. Although when the religious medical practitioners are involved they are about as helpful as a post unless you have an amazing credit rating.

If you're looking for a good book then download this book from your favourite vendor and help put the pulp and paper industry out of business too.