First Post from the Tablet

After working on some of the tablet 'hacks' it is good to be using it easily and effectively. Some grip tape solved most of the ergonomic issues, and using a littie paddig on the back made it even easier.

The camera can take photos and record video now that the microsd has been installed. The speed class for the microsd makes a huge difference, especially when apps are installed to the device.

The bookstore, called Laputa, has good integration with project gutenberg. PG has all of the classics availabe free of charge. Unfortunately the PG books do not have covers, and are packkaged with cryptic sequential filenames. Laputa allows users to select covers from your own pictures. Problem solved.

Since the last post some new software has been added. Tiger emulators, soundboards, Pulse newsreader, GPS software, and a couple of other productivity tools.