Events and Vacation Update for July 2012

So it has been another season of intermittent and non-existant posts. While I intended to post updates recommendations and a variety of other useful and useless bits of information it was always minutes before receiving a call or people stopping by and completely derailing the process. So the important details are below in short form.

Broadwell Canoe Trip

Went on a canoe trip over the Victoria Day long weekend. Stopped by Webers Burgers on the way up north. Ended up joining a small flotilla of canoes (5 canoes) for a group camp along a small lake. Dan Lantagne, Joey Dostie, and Alain Ouellette brought a bunch of new guests up to the cabin. Dan caught some fish and fried them in batter. One of the new guys was completely unprepared, between the bites and sunburn the days were bad for him and at night he rolled too close to the fire and is very lucky that his sleeping bag was flame retardant. After the rest of the group I stayed at the cabin an extra couple nights to ejoy some peace and quiet.

Anime North 2012

Finishing the week long vacation in May was the Anime North Convention. It is one of my creative recharge events and there are photos in my gallery. This was the biggest event to date, spreading to three new hotels outside the TCC, Doubletree, and Sheraton. I stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriott and got to enjoy a king size bed and their free breakfast. It was a weekend of Rice Balls and Cosplay, however I was unprepared again. I think I have to find a new default costume for Anime North, but that can wait until after Halloween.

Wallenda Walk

I was lucky enough to watch the Wallenda Walk in person from the 32nd floor balcony of the Marriott Gateway on the Falls Hotel. It was amazing and I was glad to have some time with Alie doing something new and unique. Of couse as everyone knows Nik Wallenda made it across, and we kept out little radio on 105.7FM - The Astral Media station on the roof below ours at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel. I also had a chance to meet some American journalists and photographers from the Buffalo News that came to report on the event.

Darien Lake 2012

Had a chance to visit Darien Lake for the first time in years. Used to be a tradition when the factory would have a large group visit the park. Darien Lake has changed a lot since then. Good points include the reusable containers with a cheap refill incentive, free dog trick show (great to get out of the sun for half an hour), plenty of ground level rides for people like me that are not fans of high rides, and the Laser Blast concert was a great finish to the night.

Top ratings to the Park Managers, Ride Operators (Except Ferris Wheel), Dog Show Team, Laser Blast Team, and the Hard Working Employees. Improvements are needed to the Facilities Maintenance, Ride Maintenance, Landscaping, Food Services, and Food Offerings. Darien Lake is still a great place - stay at the campground though since it is a long drive after dark.

This is as far as I can get before being distracted by another beautiful day in the sun.