Epic Adventure Weekend

Greater Niagara Circle Route - Epic Adventure Weekend

The first persistently warm weekend of 2013 was another great time to get outdoors in Welland, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, and Port Colborne.

Welland Farmers Market with Seasonal Vendors

I've been making a weekly trek to the Welland Farmers Market in order to familiarize myself with the fresh and local food suppliers. The Welland Farmers Market is housed in two permanent buildings right in the heart of downtown Welland. There is an amazing meat market in the older building. Miki's Smokehouse has made their return to the Welland Farmers Market and I'd like to invite anyone that likes authentic Hungarian fare to like Mikis on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mikis.ca

Birthday Celebrations in St.Catharines

My girlfriend Alie Balan invited me to join her family in celebrating her mothers birthday a week earlier than usual. Typically the event overlaps mothers day, although this year is her 60th birthday and her only daughters wanted to make it better than the usual. The real surprise was running into one of my co-workers fiancee - recently engaged. After all of the pleasant exchanges there was plenty of time to dig in and catch up with everyone.

Later in the evening there was a huge fire a couple blocks away from the park that we took Alies nephew to play.

Greater Niagara Circle Route - Epic Canalside Journey

Sunday morning I was feeling a little guilty about the greasy food from the previous night and decided to go for a stroll and a stretch. By the time I made it to Downtown Welland I thought it would be great to spend more time outdoors and walk alongside the canal. I set my sights on getting to Port Colborne. It has been years since I had a real canalside adventure on the Greater Niagara Circle Route.

Along the way I tried to get some of the cycling types in on it by suggesting a DQ end point. Ran into tandem cyclists, rowers, a dirt bike event, and plenty of pedestrians. Once in Port Colborner I left the Greater Niagara Circle Route to be greeted by a steady stream of motorcycles running along Main Street. It was a great finish - although it was a little sad that there were no takers on the DQ offer. After a powernap in Lock 8 park it was time to head back to Welland with the help of Alie who needed a break from her cosplay work.

NHL Playoffs on CBC Toronto

CBC Toronto has completely shifted its evening program schedule over to the NHL Playoffs and rather that protest it has been much more enjoyable. The evenings were a great time to use the BBQ and get everyone together for the big game. Unfortunately for the Montreal Canadiens fans the Sunday night event was a bust. There will be plenty of additional opportunities to see the playoffs play out.

It was an Epic Adventure Weekend.