Coldest Night of the Year - Donor Update

Coldest Night of the Year - Welland Edition

Thanks to the generosity so far I've managed to pass quite a few milestones. Donations continue to come in and I hope that a couple more One Percent (1%) donations can come in before the final day. The event will be held on February 22nd, 2014 and starts at the Welland Arena. Be there.

Thank you - Donors and Supporters

I've made it clear that sharing helps to get the link in front of the faces of people that have the time and money to make a difference in the city. Take an opportunity to celebrate the current donors and remember to donate soon to add your name or your organization to the list of donors.

$100 Donors (2% of Goal)
Hitela Web Services (Grimsby / Niagara Falls)
Jim Botari (Pelham)

$50 Donors (1% Of Goal)
Cathy Berkhout-Bosse (Pelham / myPelham)
Troy Soper (Port Colborne / All Things Geek)

$25 Donors (Half Percenters)
Chantelle Bishop (Pelham)
DeAnna Rose (Welland)
EJ (Niagara Falls)
Kristen (Niagara Falls)

$20 Donors
Michael Petrachenko (Welland)
James Takeo (Welland / BLX)
Judy Trent (Chippawa)
Marc Mckerracher (West Lincoln)
Steve Allen (St. Catharines / Noise of the Month)

$10 Donors
Rhonda Grimaldi (Welland)

$5 Donors
Amanda Angel (Welland)
Sherry Zapata (Niagara Falls)

There would be a lot more cold people without donors like you. Stay warm.

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