Cleanse Finished

I finished another challenge today, this time it was the "Cleanse Challenge". After hearing about other folks in my office experiencing sickness fatigue and even major liver problems the discussion shifted quickly to how to deal with these problems.

The solution from one point of view was a cleanse, and by that I mean allowing the body to rid itself of contaminants by sticking to good foods and avoiding a list of other ingredients. For one whole week I avoided white sugar, white flour, meat, dairy, caffiene, and alcohol. I was the only one capable of sticking to these guidelines for an entire week. I am not recommending this solution, and here is why.

These rules limit intake, social exposure, and beneficial food and drinks. I missed my green tea on cold days. I missed sandwiches, and soy meat was a poor substitute in any meal. I missed the occasional iced tea. I missed long grain white rice after I added it to the list in good faith. The negatives outweighed the benefits in the short term.

On the plus side I rediscovered my magic bullet and made some banana/soy/ice smoothies. I enjoyed grapefruit, oranges, and apples in a new way. I found satisfaction in almonds. I was more diligent and conscious of my meals. I was a better person, and I knew it wasn't permanent.

Would I do it again? Maybe for a weekend, but it is hard when you do not have the freedom to hunt down the food alternative that satisfies a craving. Because of this hesitation I'm holding back my recommendation.