Change of Season

As the first quarter of 2011 ends there are new challenges emerging. I will have to start planning my time very carefully again in order to meet all of the demands of the different groups that I help. New work, an election, the ITU in Zurich, the convention in May are among the major events coming up soon.

Cleaning up is part of the spring changes, and I've been tossing around some new ideas for upgrades to the zen alliance systems, reducing the power consumption even more by swapping over to a RISC based server. It's not set in stone yet and I will need to make sure all of the existing server software has a compatible equivalent on the new system. It looks very promising, and would bring the server size down four fold. Tiny, efficient, good.

In other news, I may also be helping with the Welland Dragon Boat Festival beyond the website if that becomes a priority. In fact the entire Welland Heritage group is about to undergo some serious changes and improvements for the summer of 2011. Getting new and important information online about those changes will be necessary. I'm looking forward to the events.