Canadian Blood Services and the Blood Signal

Canadian Blood Services and the Blood Signal

Here we are again - the blood signal is shining over Welland for the blood donor clinic. Every 56 days there are hundreds of people in Welland that donate blood at one of the three mobile clinic sites.

Saving Lives is Important

Children, neighbours, motorists, and everyone else seems to have a pretty bad track record for keeping all their blood. Without blood supplies for emergencies these people will die, that is a Denzel Washington guarantee. Blood also has an expiry period even when it is stored in refrigerated coolers. The need is constant and the supply is well managed by the Canadian Blood Services. In exchange the volunteers receive very little outside of appreciation - this is intended to encourage responsible donation.

There is no blood tax in Canada - only the blood charity and millions of Canadians are very charitable.

Steady Need Still Exists

The secondary use for whole blood collection is to create blood and platelet products for people with incurable diseases. Some of these people may survive without these products, which is why it can seem controversial to donate. Examples include those with clotting disorders that may bleed to death from even the smallest laceration. These donations are a quality of life issue since the blood is used to save lives through prevention rather than as a reaction to an emergency.

This purpose helps people to understand that their blood will not be wasted. If an the blood within an appropriate time the Canadian Blood Services works with blood product suppliers to provide the raw materials to save more lives and improve the quality of life for people with diseases.

Lake Erie Fish is Delicious

My third major reason for donating may be misguided, mercury contamination in Lake Erie fish. I don't entirely believe that Lake Erie is as bad as it was during the twentieth century, just in caseI'm wrong the CBS can have the heavy metals. Heavy metals are the price that recipients will have to bear until they can test for that and let everyone know how safe the Lake Erie fish really is. Perch, Pickerel, and more are great to eat after a donation too - rich in protein and healthy oils.

See you at the next clinic -