Canada's Wonderland Haunt

Canada's Wonderland Haunt

For Canadian Thanksgiving my entire schedule has been cleared in order to attend Canada's Wonderland Haunt, a haunted carnival experience that takes over the part throughout the fall season.

Night Carnival

There is something about the dimly lit park accentuated by beautiful lights ever 20 meters. The rides and haunted tours are ablaze in a rainbow of light. While rainbows may not be scary, they are a pleasant way to let your guard down before the next surprise.

Club Blood

This is a perennial favourite, Club Blood needs to be a real club that is separate from the attraction. Haunted beats and wonderful costumes are the closest that Southern Ontario gets to a perfect 'surprise' rave. Get pumped by listening to some SomaFM (Link - ) - the mix is comparable in quality at the park. Anyone that misses Club Blood needs to get off their high horse (Leviathan), and join in the fun.

Louisiana Bayou

In years past this has been one of the darkest and most aggressive haunts at the park. Music is a huge factor in keeping things moving in the attraction. I almost missed this one during my first year at Canada's Wonderland Haunt due to a medical complication experienced by another person in the attraction. The kind of scares that cause medical complications are worth a second look.

Hopefully I'll have more photos and video to share after the trip.