Boxer8 OUYA Console

Boxer8 OUYA Console

The OUYA has been touted as the best bet to reset the gaming market. It is also going to replace my Wii as the media centre unit of choice. At roughly the size of a Rubiks Cube it will be an easy fit.

Tegra3 Wayne Processor

The OUYA is going to be small and open-source, but the best part is that it will be using an energy efficient ARM processor. The popular Tegra3 ARM processors from nVidia will be in the OUYA in early 2013.

Square Enix, Namco Bandai, and Clear Channel Support the OUYA

The commitments of game publishers and broadcasters to bring their high quality content to the platform indicates that this will be a multimedia powerhouse.

Boxer8 and Julie Urhman

The Boxer8 team has been doing a great job so far in promoting the hardware, software, and content of the OUYA. Hopefully the console doesn't get caught up in price wars online, high retail markups to deal with the fact that retailers cannot sell the games for the console, or worst of all if ANY of the promised content is locked out for Canadians. Clear Channel specifically may be up against some issues related to the dominance of Astral Media in Canada - I'd rather have both than just one of the two.