Blood Clinic - November 27 2013

Upcoming Blood Clinic - November 27 2013

Its time to donate. The mobile blood clinic is coming to Welland for a drive, or it is driving to Welland for a clinic. Either way you look at it there is a need for blood donors that never seems to end, if you haven't donated.

Welland Blood Clinic - Odd Months at the Ukrainian Hall

Since the Welland clinic typically overlaps family holidays in the Winter and Spring there are more visitors, including myself, at the odd month clinics in the city of Welland. The facility is usually double booked cooking cabbage rolls and operating a blood clinic. It usually makes for a pretty great day for everyone involved.

Welland Blood Donor Clinic at the Ukranian Hall
Operating from Noon until 6pm
40 McCabe Street, Welland, Ontario

Canadian Blood Services - 1-888-2-DONATE

The Canadian Blood Services operates with a set of social media assets that push their message across every major platform. By following, liking, and subscribing to them you could save more lives by helping to reach additional volunteers through your friends and followers. Many marketing agencies can measure the value of likes with dollar values, Canada Blood Services operates to save lives and each like could be the one to save a life.