Black Lantern Experience - Hostile Takeover Art Show

Black Lantern Experience - Hostile Takeover Art Show

On September 21st 2013 the Black Lantern Experience will be hosting a quiet tea party to honour the political, business, and administrative elite in the City of Welland. All of the Illuminaqua season ticket holders that paid for their ticket rather than receiving them as part of a promotions package are welcome to participate in this music recital and slideshow presentation that will not be offensive at all.

Once the afternoon tea is over the Hostile Takeover will begin. According to event planners it will be a massacre of anything still considered sacred in Welland, the idea that the city is dead will be confronted and discussed through art and music. If you're a part of the discussion about the future of the City of Welland - you should be at the event.

Exciting Arts and Culture Activity

Ever heard the buzzwords or promises from other Art Galleries that something will be risque or interesting - only to get there and see a bunch pf the same-old scenic images in oil, acrylic, and photo-print? The Black Lantern Experience heard all about the censorship and negativity of other art spaces and brings a truly unencumbered art experience to the Rose City. Each event has a one of a kind theme, this is important to remember since it may be a one-time-only opportunity to score an art piece or commission a similar piece from local artists.

Satire and Commentary

Some people point out that it seems like a bad idea to point out issues and funny coincidences with a complete art show dedicated to the City of Welland. In reality, commentary and humour are a part of our successful and peaceful democracy in Canada. The fact that we can use words and art rather than any of the violence that is seen elsewhere in the world. The protest culture in Welland is subversive and quiet, a true passive-aggressive paradise.

Welland Fire City

Welland is rotting in its inability to manage abandoned and underused properties, over the last five years this issue has virtually disappeared due to the Welland Fires. The Hostile Takeover Art Show will be an opportunity to set fire to the ideas that Welland cannot be successful, resourceful, and creative. This is an important tool that the community needs to keep its creative and ambitious residents from abandoning the city. Only abandoned cities burn to the ground.

** Note: The Art Space is not a storefront - it is a privately held venue that has public events supported in part by donations and the goodwill of Welland residents. If you'd like to make an offer for a piece then you will have to find the artists or visit one of Welland's for-profit art spaces on King Street or East Main Street.