Black Lantern Experience - F**ked up S**t Show

Black Lantern Experience - F**ked up S**t Show

Recently there have been plenty of haters making things difficult for artists and art lovers in the city of #Welland. Used to be that if you didn't like someone or something that it was as easy as walking away. Unfortunately we no longer have that capability to make peace through ignorance, due to technology. The Black Lantern Experience has been quietly criticized by establishment artists, politicians, and bureaucrats. This criticism isn't unwarranted, since the Black Lantern Experience has been a hotbed of anti-establishment art and discussion, due to the fact that the establishment is no longer participating with a large part of the community.

Time to read between the lines, if you or an organization that you work for takes a shot at #BLX then the Black Lantern Experience will respond. The last group art show, Hostile Takeover, proved that the Black Lantern Experience is as organized as any other arts group in the city. The upcoming show will take on some new ideas about destruction, construction, and the function of art in a damaged community.

F**ked up S**t Show - Art and Entertainment

Come out to this public event and get out of your comfort zone. Doors open at 20h00 (8pm) on October 19th, 2013 to a disturbing collection of paintings, photography, and performance art. Organized by James Takeo at his studio on 75 West Main Street with the assistance of all of the #BLX volunteers, artists, and benefactors.

F**ked up S**t
75 West Main Street
Welland, Ontario
October 19th, 2013
Doors open 8pm

Black Lantern Experience Teaser Video

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