Black Lantern Experience

The Black Lantern Experience is a series of events hosted by some of Welland's top practicing artists. These are the residents of Welland that make a living and build their communities through artistic pursuits.

Gallery on Main - James Takeo

The new Art Gallery at 75 West Main St. has no posted hours, no website, and no marketing budget and still managed to pack more people in than any other Art Gallery in Welland during their events. This is the direct result of strong word of mouth campaigns preceding events. James Takeo also takes this personal approach during private showings and his weekly DIY Art nights. Bring your own equipment and ideas on Tuesday nights at 9pm and you can participate in the growing art scene at the Gallery on Main.

James Takeo -

Humbled Hallows - Michael Swords

Self-proclaimed "Junk Artist" Michael Swords has a knack for taking the mundane and transforming it into something new. His creations take on a passion or gloom based on the season and state of the artist during its re-creation. Mike's home studio, Humbled's Hallows, is a second hand store for antiquities and reconditioned products with flair.

Humbleds Hallows -

Artfest Welland - Domenic Augustino

Artfest Welland is the original exhibition of artistic talents in downtown Welland. It is a unique and affordable way for artists to gain access to a public venue for exhibition and sales. Remember to talk to artists about other upcoming events of theirs where similar artists from outside of Welland will share their works. One example of this is the South Niagara Artists Studio Tour held on August 10th and 11th, 2013, which has very little online exposure (visit and change that).

Artfest Welland -