Black Friday in Niagara and Beyond

Black Friday in Niagara and Beyond

Black Friday madness is about to take hold again, in response I've put together some highlights that could help ordinary people to get what they deserve this Winter.

Black Friday Cross Border Shopping

For Canadian shoppers the deals at retailers in the United States have remained superior due to favourable International trade regulations across the border. The dollar value difference can be as much as one fifth of the Canadian price, if such a product is sold at all in Canada. Factor import taxes and currency values against the price and there is no way for most Canadian retailers to compete without taking major losses.

Black Friday Shipping Deals

Black Friday online deals are getting to be pretty popular and carry over into the appropriately named "Cyber Monday". All of these deals are available to Canadians that can receive packages at an address in the United States.

For anyone that doesn't have a relative or friend to receive US packages there are a slew of storage facilities that have expanded from just renting simple storage to include parcel storage services for registered clients. The best of the best send you an email immediately after receiving a package under your name.

Black Friday at Hotels and Restaurants

The last and most important factor is that cross border shopping comes with cross-border duties and additional taxes. Fortunately by staying for multiple nights in the United States and bringing along additional guests the waived duty limit increases. The rules surrounding this have changed in the last decade and I'd recommend looking up the current regulations on the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) website, just to be safe.

Good luck on your shopping adventure.