Biometrics and Brain Training

Biometrics and Brain Training

I'd like to share three tools that I've been learning about that have huge potential as part of an integrated platform of software. Lumosity, FitBit, and Pinterest are the three most interesting tools on my mind this week.

Lumosity and Brain Training

Sure this may be another gimmick like the Nintendo DS Brain Age games, I'm not here to argue about the effectiveness of such tests. the testing part is impressive because it reminds me to gather myself and concentrate early in the morning. We have hundreds of physical routines, and with Lumosity the mind is treated as a part of that system.

FitBit with Sleep and Heart Rate Tracking

Recently I've been introduced to the FitBit technology by some of my friends. This amazing technology tracks steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns. The sleep tracking is arguably the most impressive feature due to the importance of sleep. Without a good nights rest people are less productive and prone to respond negatively to event the slightest agitation. Knowing when can lead to knowing why, and knowing why is the most important change in how we diagnose medical issues.

Unfortunately the FitBit isn't readily available in Canadian stores. A quick trip to New York or a long wait for online shipping are the only barriers to joining this technological revolution.

Pinterest Quotes and Humour Boards

After covering the mind and the body - the soul immediately comes to mind. Not the religious soul, this would be the special combination of wit, mantra, and meaning that people add through contextual relationships and language.

Pinterest succeeds where many other social networks have failed - in major part due to a strong and committed user base that doesn't attempt to change the function of the site. Pinterest is perfect.

See for yourself -