Android Tablet from Sinoey

--- Don't Buy from Sinoey, They Lie About Products ---

Just the other day the tablets came in from Sinoey, an online merchant on DHGate (DunHuang HeGuang, which is like eBay). There is plenty of good news about the delivery, the product, and of course working with the new tablets.

The package got to Canada very quickly. Everything came in safely in a box that was perfectly fitted to the tablets and their keyboard cases. I wasn't sure about Sinoey at first because they misrepresented their product in its title on DHGate. They say it does Flash 10.1 and then placed a disclaimer in the article that it doesn't, what they promise is that in early March they will send a new ROM for the tablets. I will add another article, with a link here, near the end of march that completes the 'Flash Saga'.

The tablets work with the free apps on the android market. I'd like to buy some commercial apps although they are not available. This means an application like XConnect is doomed to be stuck in trial mode. Apps are great. Angry Birds seems to be a big hit, although I'm pretty sure I remember playing the game in 1999 and it featured Dogbert slinging peasants (Called Elbonan Airlines, this was part of Dilberts Desktop Games).

It's not all games, the tablet has incredible integration with email and other services. Which is deserving of its own separate article, it's that good.

There are some problems. The most noticeable problem about the tablets is that they are not laptops and they are not cell phones. Too heavy to hold and no spine for it to hold itself up. The kickstand on the keyboard case helps when it is on a flat surface. There doesn't seem to be a good way to hold it on the couch without doing something wrong ergonomically. Maybe there is some sort of trick or posture to assume when using the tablet, but for now it is destined to deliver hand cramps. (I know that in the near future this evaluation may really date the article as everyone figures out the perfect way to use a tablet, this is currently an issue.)

Update: After waiting for the Flash 10.1 support they had promised they responded saying that they could not deliver. Although they responded 'the final falsh upgrade will be completely ready in April.' If they deliver I'll remove the update, but since you're reading this they couldn't deliver the tablets that do work.