Advertising Amateur Radio

It's been a rough couple of decades for HAM Radio in Ontario. As the government continues to make it easier to get your license there is still a lack of interest among the younger generations. When I mention younger generations, this is starting to reach as high as 45 years old. Yes, in the HAM radio community a 45 year old operator is young.

The number of emergency stations in Niagara is growing as local officials aim to be ready. In fact there are more ARES sites than ARES volunteers. This needs to change.

ARES, NPARC, and GWEN are part of the same system. NPARC can be social, ARES is Short to Mid Range and GWEN offers a global communications platform. It can seem daunting to join a group of very similar people.

-- ARES has been discussing the establishment of a 145.610 Winlink E-Mail Server.
-- The Feedline (Niagara's HAM Radio News)
-- NPARC is continuing the Radiothon for Charity (CNIB and St.Catharines General Hospital)

All I can really say is that if you're interested in new technology, freedom, or being prepared then you should consider joining the HAM radio community.