BBQ Cupcakes by Lauren Souch

I want to share this post about BBQ Cupcakes, a part of the 'She Bakes' series by Lauren Souch. Her website ( features an odd assortment of rants, guides, and recipes. Even if you don't personally know Lauren I'd recommend her blog as a good read to remind you that things don't have to be complicated.

These cupcakes are made from a standard 'golden white' cupcake, short cupcake brownies, and some coloured icing. The article also features an ice cream cone cupcake, which seems nice but being the dedicated waffle cone guy that I am the flat bottom cones seem out of place. (Flat bottom cones are also what some of the local animal facilities use as cups for seeds to feed the animals.) Aside from personal preferences they both taste great.

Also check out the Maple Bacon Cupcakes on the She Bakes pages. Now the links:

BBQ and Ice Cream Cupcakes:
Maple Bacon Cupcakes: