About Kurtis McCartney

Kurtis McCartney

My name is Kurtis McCartney, currently known for my ability to craft web content for a variety of organizations. I was born and raised in Welland and attended the following schools: Champlain, Empire School, Glynn A. Green (Gifted Program), Eastdale Secondary, University of Windsor, and Brock University. In that time I took part in groups ran by Scouts Canada, Welland Soccer, and Maple Park Baseball. In high school I was involved with the Drama Club, School Band, Think Bowl Team, History Tournaments, School Newspaper, DSBN Chess Tournaments, and the "Breakfast Club" providing breakfast to students. In university, I continued being involved through the Inter-Residence Council, Students' Union, University Senate, Computer Science Club, and numerous finance and infrastructure committees. These groups work - and good people made the experiences fun.

My geek side shows when I talk about LEDs, Solar Panels, and Passenger Rail. They are fantastic technologies that encourage people to question when things don't change. Welland has been a leader in the adoption of all of these technologies. As an advocate for positive change I'm happy to live in a progressive region like Niagara.

I seek out in innovation and the ability to make life more enjoyable. This includes an interest in making justice, education, and the opportunity to live in freedom available to everyone. This includes working in support of protecting natural spaces and improving our communities.

I have a passion for local issues and believe the involvement is a part of daily life. I like to bring together groups looking to make life better, my experience includes time spent at Brock University making it better place for students while keeping it financially sound. I wanted to bring the same results or better to my home town. Welland can be more, and some people that do not remember or know its strengths - infrastructure and innovation - will not see this. Great businesses start here, it can be the most affordable place on the planet to power your dreams.

In Welland I have attended public meetings in an attempt to improve access to public services. Passenger rail service, as an affordable way to commute. Inter-municipal transit, operated by Welland Transit is something I've supported since I was involved with the U-Pass at Brock University. I support the development of Southern Niagara, including the restoration of abandoned properties and redevelopment of basic infrastructure.

I can be found: Cycling, Operating my HAM Radio, Supporting Public Transit, Listening to CBC on 99.1FM or PBS on 88.7FM, Contributing to Wikipedia, Hosting Websites from a LAMP Stack Server, Riding my E-Bike, Growing Food, and helping members of my family.