Paris Tokyo Bistro Review (Welland)

Paris Tokyo BistroOpened in late June 2010 the Paris Tokyo Bistro is the first sushi place I have seen in the city. Welland is a tough market for exotic cuisine. Luckily for Paris Tokyo Bistro it has the opportunity to capitalize on its french menu to offer something for nearly everyone.

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The "Welland" Maki Roll

This is worth the visit, a spicy roll with very safe and palatable ingredients. For sushi newcomers the Eel (Eil) may be a dealbreaker but rest assured that if you like chicken then this spicy morsel of meat will satisfy. I tried my first "Welland" Maki after a bowl of their Miso Soup, which is also recommended.

Comfortable Setting

All of the comforts of a luxury restaurant are there, without the rigid rules. An outdoor patio adjacent to the rear parking lot is available fo more pleasant days. The lighting is serene, and efforts can be seen hinting at gradual improvement on the theme of the restaurant.

Abundant and Adjacent Seating

Looking to bring in a larger group of your friends - there is room for them. The small foyer in the front hides the depth of the restaurant. Much like Palazzo Salon up the street there are many services availble by request that are not advertised very well.


No Fusion or Mix Combos

Back of Paris Tokyo BistroNo fusion cuisine or meal combos which is fine but misleading. The menu is simple with individual items. Also, most of the French Cuisine lacks the detail about ingredients that the Japanese menu has. I'd love to see sushi and a slice of sugar pie, OR roasted duck with baguette beside tempura - which could be possible** by putting the blocks together separately.

** Note: There wasn't Duck or Sugar Pie on the menu, but those are some seriously delicious foods I associate with the French/Quebecois in my family..

Time Consuming Meal

The restaurant is new, so waiting was to be expected while the new staff and owners settle in. Best just to seat yourself if nobody is present out front - although if you want to use the patio, it would be a good choice to announce your presence the the Maitre D' if you want to see the menu. I wouldn't mind seeing this place be a great place to stop by while out for a walk along the canal - grab a confection and a beverage to go OR plan a picnicbut you would probably have to plan well in advance.

Menu Issues

The menu is presented on unbound sheets of paper with no distinct charachteristics separating French and Japanese other than some side annotations. Though robust and intriguing there were very few specialized options - Kids, Vegetarian, Also, there is no drinks menu

I will revisit the Paris Tokyo Bistro soon and see if the dining experience has been made more transparent, consistent, and timely. Repeat: Looking to know what I can order, that I can order it any reasonable time, and that it'll be presented in the right order and time.

Go there.

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