Welland Cutbacks for Charity

Welland Cutbacks for Charity

This will be the third time that I cut and donate my hair for those in need. Rather than struggling with the perfect time to cut I put it out to you. Get this campaign up to $2500, the second half of the $5000 goal.

Help local organizations by donating through the Welland Cutbacks for Charity. Local organizations have needed our support and rather than focusing on only family support organizations, medical aid organizations, or cultural organizations the remainder of this pot will be split between the organizations with the most volunteers on cut day at Welland Market.

Get involved, donate, and give back to your community.

Donate to the Welland Cutbacks for Charity campaign

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Rose Festival Art Show 2015

Rose Festival Art Show 2015

The Welland Rose Festival Art Show has introduced a new wave of art to the residents and visitors to the City of Welland hosting nearly 40 of the top local and international artists

Check Out The Gallery

The Gallery is being hosted at the Seaway Mall in North Welland as a contribution to local arts. The Seaway Mall has been a long term sponsor of the festival and continues to deliver unparalleled opportunities for family friendly art. The gallery itself is located across from the discount shoe store in centre court and should be open during all mall hours that have volunteers registered.

Connect With The Artists

Connecting with the artists in store and online is a great way to find more of your favourite art. Since this event isn't limited to local artists only there are new an interesting pieces on display that have never been seen in Welland before. Some notable artists include: Sandor Baxo, Cassandra Reid, and Alie Balan.

Vote For Your Favourite

At the Rose Festival Art Show people can vote for their favourite artist using a digital voting system built by Alex Bacso, the Rose Festival Art Show Coordinator. Remember that you can only vote once - so vote carefully after enjoying the works on display. Select only the most axeceptional artist for peoples choice.

Have fun.

You Are Not Saving The World

In the process of helping others with cultural enrichment activities it has been inportant to maintain a positive outlook especially during the hardest work. Unforetunately like many of my peers I have occasionally fallen victim to the notion that the work being done is going to save the world.

No Life or Death Situations

With the exception of some intense civil service professions the work being done is not life or death and failure is not just an option, it is often a fact of life. So many products and organizations dissappear due to competitive innovation and natural entropy. Don't pick a fight with destiny.

No Conspiracy or Evil Empire

Things aren't going your way? Blame the conspiracy. They are out to get you. Trust nobody, not even yourself. Again, this type of paranoia isn't going to serve anyone, especially yourself. Push yourself to work with others and ask for committments, if others aren't committed then they shouldn't be involved. It takes a long time to recognize real talent versus opportunistic

No Boss Level Except Your Own

In the end we are always our own worst enemy, being the only one that should know all of the unpatchable weaknesses. When you reach this point, otherwise referred to as the Boss Level it is imperative that you shut down that saving the world mentality and gear up for the next hero. Nothing lasts forever, just keep defending your idea rather than critiquing it.

Welland Jobs Guide 2015

Welland Jobs Guide 2015

Looking for a job in Welland? Grab your resume and get ready for some details about the current state of the labour market in Welland.

Government and Academic Institutions

Two of Welland's most populous employers continue to be the Niagara Health System Welland Hospital site and Niagara College Welland Campus. The steady jobs available at these facilites require specialized training that in most cases is not available within Niagara.

Congrats if you can make it through the rounds of tests and interviews before going broke. This is a practical option for those that have a strong support system during the often erratic process.

Call Centre, Online Support, and Dispatch Jobs

Residents of Welland have benefitted deeply from the bilingual and multicultural nature of the city as that statistical blip lead many call centres to be established. Unfortunately the number of bilingual residents has steadily decreased to the point where there are nearly as many Korean speakers as there are francophones.

Anyone that isn't currenly bilingual is encouraged to look into developing opportunities outside of call centre employment or seek training.

Welland Jobs - Service Sector

Service sector jobs have been the leading saviour for many of the Welland residents entering the labour market. This includes frontend work at restaurants, shopping centres, and other small retail outlets.

Many of the same stigmas exist for service sector workers as do for call centre employees.

Retail is hurting not only because of a lack of second-teir (manufacturing and processing) employment but it is also taking a huge hit from online vendors like Amazon. Unless you're in management I'd recommend having an escape plan and building a support network.

Creative Work vs Creative Jobs

Looking for a job? If you're like thousands of other post-secondary grads there isn't one for your skillset. Skip the job and get to work. Start making a couple bucks and building a portfolio and clientele on sites like Fiverr.

Freelancing is the future for a lot of positions that just can't justify year-round pay and benefits. Don't like the money or see a better opportunity then you're free to explore it. Just remember to keep as much as possible in the bank.

Taris on the Water - Welland Fine Dining

Taris on the Water - Welland Fine Dining

Taris on the Water is Welland's premier fine dining establishment with table service and an interesting mix of Canadian and ethnic European dishes.

Taris and the Casual Experience

One of the more amusing quirks of the restaurant is that their classic burger offering comes presented with a large steak knife put through the centre of the sandwich.

Quick and fulfilling the casual experience took less than a half hour and definitely fostered a positive mood on a chilly evening.

Taris and the Fine Dining Experience

Looking for a three course meal? Put it together here and enjoy the best of Europe. The Calimari as an appetizer and a Creme Brulee with Cappuccino for dessert took the main course to greater heights.

The best part about three course meals is that they give folks time to converse and linger in the experience.

The Next Taris Welland Experience

I'm looking forward to signature winemakers events and other special offerings at the facility, which already seems equipped to handle much more.

Check it out when you are in Welland.

Running for Council in 2010

Kurtis McCartney Running for Council in 2010

Many people have encouraged me to run for council in 2014, even after the official start of the election. Here's why I'm not running.

Everyone Wants Something for Nothing

So you think I should run? Remember when I put the call out for $5000 worth of donations for a good cause? remember when we only hit $1500. Remember when I asked again for the remaining $3500 to go to http://www.aliebalan.com/cibc

I'm still waiting for the community to deliver because otherwise it's just me standing all by myself trying to fight off the systemic apathy, poverty, and redundancy that grips our region. So instead I'm supporting Graham Speck for Regional Council, he's got the team.

You Can Do More Outside Council

I actually discovered that I was more involved in local organizations than many of the City councillors that had to balance work, life, and constituency issues on top of their efforts to move the community forward. It is surprising how much a dedicated team of individuals can accomplish without the aid or interference of the political sphere.

Since I'm hoping to see more volunteers out after this election I'm supporting Maria Lallouet for Ward 4 because of her decades of experience as a local minister. She will find the time to deal with people face-to-face and is the candidate residents deserve.

It is a Legal Nightmare

Every action of an elected representative is governed. Did you know that you can put out a request for any correspondence, including personal emails and Facebook messages, of any municipal representative in Ontario. There is no privacy.

Instead I'm supporting local lawyer Doug Thomas to govern in Welland as an expert on the policies and procedures of local government.

Don't ask me to run until this community is healthy enough to run.

Residents of Niagara Falls are encouraged to vote for Connie Topolinsky for Mayor.
Residents of Wainfleet are encouraged to vote for Laurie Dayboll for Mayor.
Residents of St.Catharines are encouraged to choose between Burch or Secord for Mayor.
Residents of Port Colborne are encouraged to vote for Mike Sloat for Mayor

Residents of Pelham are encouraged to vote for Anthony Annunziata for Regional Council.

Residents of Thorold are encouraged to agree that Thorold isn't a real city and to release Port Robinson to Welland.


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